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The one problem with the Klassics Lists that you see out there...which are the source for our Klassic that the late 1960's and early 1970's tends to get the shaft, most likely because the term "KSHE Klassic" didn't become more prominent until the late 1970s and beyond.

But also there are plenty of deeper-than-Klassic cuts and even some "modern Klassics" that done got forgot. Thankfully YOU are bringing them into the rotation at SLCR!
As of November 20, 2018, 1911 tracks on SLCR 1, 2 and 3 or about 11% of the rotation is because of the listeners below...and that number is always thank you all!

If you would like to contribute, as well as join group discussions about some of the songs FM has forgotten, you can find us scouring for songs at either:

KSHE2 Classic KSHE Facebook Group

- or -

SLCR∞ Jerry's Jukebox: Obscure Tracks Facebook Group

200+ suggestions

Marci Logan

100 - 199 suggestions

Chris Ware
Frank Lydon

50 - 99 suggestions

Gary Reilly
Steve Ogle
Karen Bean
John Sonntag
Greg McKenzie
Mike Dumas
Bill Lehmann
Tammy Douglas
David Thomas
Sue Moody
Tim Conejo

25 - 49 suggestions

Mike Gerstbrein
Barbara Goggin Smith
Terry Boland
Steve Kromraj
Nick Raeber
Jim Hendershott

10 - 24 suggestions

Chris Worthen
Lou Babinga
Rick Comello
Jim James
KP OConnor
Brian Andrew Marek
Alan Madison
John Faiss
Randy Scott
Jeremy Devros
John Bauer
Robert Taylor

0 - 9 suggestions

Blake Shelton
Chris Rigney
Mike Helbig
Ron Greiner
Dennis Themenace Schmied
Denis C. Wier
Tom Burnham
Zac Lenaburg
John Roe
Randy Bozarth
Robert Michelson
Brian K Matthews
David Baugh
Donnie Ulrich
BJ Hart
Kenny Gibson
Mark Schoene
Mark Williams
Rick Molner
Chris Contestabile
Connie Hensley
Eric Lachmiller
John Sebben
John Sontagg
Leo Harris
Michael Molner
Terry Lewis
Brian Yount
Earl Foskett
Ian Laetsch
James Blue Eddings
Jason Rosenthal
Jeff Pleimann
Larry White
Mark Cundiff
Mark Pickett
Norma Baron
Paul Ebenreck
Robby Beck
Roger Germann
Scott Johnston
Tony LeBlanc
Benoit Achten
Brenda Rogers
Carole Hahn
Charlie Oliver
Dave Michaels
Dee Dee Adams
Dina Altenbernd
Dixie Dear
Doug Reed
Doug Wheeler
Eddie Cahill
Hiatt, John
John Carl Logsdon
Ken Johnson
Larry Phelan
Mike Gerbstein
Ralph S Giddens
Ron Stevens
Sonny Engler
Steve Barney
Steven T. Molen
Tom Burham

Thank you all for keeping the music alive!